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Introductory Vocabulary


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This introductory Spanish course introduces students to the basic, yet essential vocabulary needed to talk about everyday objects and locations in Spanish. Emphasis will be placed on proper pronunciation and  an array of pedagogical approaches will be employed, such as photos recognition, written text, audio, and gamification (badges, simulation, interactive communication, etc.)

Bienvenido! Welcome to our short introduction to Dora Lenguas’ language instructions. We look forward to the many friends and relationships that will be built on our platform, and cannot wait for your learning experience to begin. Have fun!

in order to  aide students in mastering the target vocabulary. Building a strong vocabulary bank in any language is imperative for fluency. This course will allow students to get the necessary practice they need, so that the target vocabulary will be stored in their long term memory, providing them a solid foundation, as they embark on their language learning journey. 


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